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Cyber Monday is the #1 time to buy a phone. Why? Because you'll make MASSIVE savings on a whole host of phones – including iPhones. 

Amazon has a KILLER renewed program, where you can pick up refurbished iPhones for around 30-40% less than normal. Add in Black Friday and the discounts should be enormous! 

But it's not just iPhones, Amazon sells pretty much every major brand of phone on the planet, so if you're due an upgrade and you want to get away from contracts, picking up a phone on Black Friday is the #1 way to do this!



Tablets are great fun; they’re ideal for browsing the web on the sofa, or watching movies in bed. Whether you’re looking at Apple’s iPad, something from Samsung, or a Windows 10-powered hybrid machine, Amazon’s Black Friday is a great time to find yourself a shiny new tablet device.  

Amazon sells a TON of tablets, so make sure you check out ALL the latest deals below – it covers everything from iPads to Windows 10 machines, as well as Android-powered ones too.  


4K HDTVs are an investment you make once every 5-6 years. And the best time to upgrade is, of course, Black Friday. During the sales period, you’ll get savings in excess of 30-40% on BIG BRAND 4K TVs from the likes of Sony, Samsung, and LG.  

If you’re still using a 1080p TV, but want to switch to a 4K setup, now’s the time – they’re never cheaper than they are during Black Friday!  


Apple Watch? Fitness tracker? Whatever! If you’re after a wearable right now, there is no better time to buy one. 

If you want to track your activity, keep a log of your running, or simply have a nice Apple Watch on your wrist, Black Friday is the #1 time to treat yourself, as you’ll be WAY less for a wearable and/or fitness tracker during he short-but-sweet sales event. 


Laptops, PCs, hybrid Windows 10 machines – they’re all present and accounted for during Black Friday. I bought an iMac last year and saved myself about $400 in the process. I nearly bought a MacBook too, but decided against it as my credit card wouldn’t have handled the strain.  

Amazon has a TON of awesome deals on all kinds of computers – from laptops, to desktops, and iMacs and MacBooks. Whatever your budget, there is bound to be a deal that will suit your exact needs. And remember: these types of deals only last for a day or two and then they’re GONE for another 12 months… 


I love a good pair of headphones, so if I don’t have any more pressing purchases on my mind – like a new computer – when Black Friday comes around, I usually treat myself to a snazzy, new pair of headphones. Back in 2017, I bought some Bose QC headphones and saved around $80 – not bad!  

This year, I’m looking at Apple’s AirPods Pro, maybe. Failing that, maybe some other, premium noise-cancelling earbud devices like Sony’s WX-100s, which look and sound totally badass. Either way, if you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones, you gotta check out the Black Friday deals below… 

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